3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: ApplicationContinuity.Org

"AppCon2007 helped generate tremendous visibility for Teneros with existing and prospective customers. As the event developer/coordinator, 3marketeers was superb in their communication, planning, execution, promotion, audience draw, and content/speaker development. We are onboard for next year already."
Vice President, Teneros


ApplicationContinuity.org is a virtual community created by 3marketeers that encourages people and organizations to share insightful information surrounding application survivability and reliability. Sponsors of ApplicationContinuity.org wanted to join forces and create awareness of the importance of installing, managing, maintaining, and securing mission critical applications and data that keep businesses up and running.


The 3marketeers team worked to create a focused conference for IT and business professionals. Through print/online advertising, and viral marketing initiatives, 3marketeers was able to create, coordinate and execute to drive registrations within a target audience for AppCon 2007. 3marketeers managed the planning, negotiation, promotion and facilitation of the conference and helped to create the awareness that ApplicationContinuity.org and its sponsors were seeking.


  • Launched the AppCon 2007 inaugural conference
  • Event generated over 100 editorial placements
  • 125% of goal turnout of IT prospects and press
  • Developed/sold sponsorships
  • Created all marketing promotions
  • Generated online registration initiatives
  • Developed speakers/content for 2 day event
  • Negotiated/coordinated facilites/event support


Company  >  ApplicationContinuity.Org
Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, Software, Products, Services, Emerging Market, Start-Up, Fortune 1000, Nationwide, Media, Network Security, Network Storage, Communications Systems, Networking, Information, Business Applications, Telecom
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Naming, Collateral, Tradeshow, Web Development, Lead Generation, Research, Program Identity, Advertising, Print, Online, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Corporate Identity, Exhibits, Media, Webinars, List Development, Program Management, Dot Org Initiative