3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: eBay.com

"3marketeers created an online affinity campaign, promotions, and lead generation program that was well thought out."
Director of Marketing


eBay, the world's larget marketplace, wanted to reach a wide and varied audience. They had both seasonal and promotional messages to communicate. The goal was to increase subscriptions from readers viewing the print version of their publication. eBay worked with its partner, PriceRadar.com to advance the online piece of this strategy.


3marketeers created a series of online campaigns. They featured distinct messages, direct calls-to-action, and strong media buys. Each ad appealed to a specific segment. At the same time, all of the ads supported the eBay.com image and identity. The media buying and creative teams of 3marketeers optimized the entire campaign. This extended awareness of eBay.com to new market segments among those in the core "Power Seller" program.


  • 25% increase in subscriptions over 4 months.
  • Optimal media buys, 100% traced for ROI.
  • Concurrent online offers, affinity, and affiliate programs led by 3marketeers.
  • eBay bought PriceRadar.com


Company  >  eBay
Industry  >  Consumer, Services, Emerging Market, Start-Up, International, Nationwide, Media
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Lead Generation, Advertising, Online