3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: iRiver America

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Create a premium brand experience for visitors to an iRiver environment at the Consumer Electronics Show. The meeting place is located in a low-traffic area, the primary function of the space is for press and partner meetings, and a large number of representatives from the Korean corporate offices. Products and headphones must be attractively displayed with proper cord control. Harsh fluorescent lighting from above and standard beige walls and carpet threaten the mood of the environment. The budget is half that of comparably sized trade show spaces.


3marketeers took an unorthodox approach to the design of the 30'x40' space. Attention was paid to every detail in the environment, ensuring that all elements met iRiver standards for image and quality. Custom elements included hand-picked model talent, tailored wardrobe, hand-made product display stands, and specially designed lighting elements. 3marketeers negotiated specialty pricing and tracked all budget reconcilliation.


The space truly reflected iRiver's brand image: cool, premium, and quality. Visitors got an unquestionable nightclub/lounge impression of the space. The client was able to fill gaps in their meeting schedule with qualified individuals who were attracted by the d


Company  >  iRiver America
Industry  >  Consumer, Emerging Market, Start-Up
Discipline  >  Tradeshow, Launch Programs, Exhibits, Kiosk