3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Hewlett-Packard

"I didn't think anyone could launch a company in 6 weeks. 3marketeers proved me wrong."
Director of Marketing Communications


Hewlett-Packard planned to launch a division offering professional-level broadcast video servers. Its debut at the NAB show in Las Vegas would need to incorporate video, a complete tradeshow booth, marketing literature, a website, and pre-show direct mail.


3marketeers was given 6 weeks from conception to launch. Once the brand message was derived, complete graphics for a 125' x 125' tradeshow booth were created, which leveraged graphics from the prior direct mail program. A 3-minute video loop was created as a centerpiece for the booth, with re-purposing for additional launch pieces.


Successsful launch included:
  • 3 minute video
  • 125'x125' Tradeshow booth graphics
  • Product brochures & datasheets
  • 40 page website
  • Pre-show direct mail program


    Company  >  Hewlett-Packard
    Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, Products, Start-Up, International, Media
    Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Collateral, Interactive/Multimedia, Video/Film, Tradeshow, Web Development, Direct Mail, Print, Online, Messaging, Launch Programs, Corporate Identity, Broadcast