3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Seiko Instruments

"You guys really leveraged everything across multiple projects, thanks for saving my #$!*."
Marketing Communications Manager


Seiko Instruments is an international powerhouse in product technology for the consumer market - primarily productivity oriented. Seiko's Smart Label Printer was a distant follower to market leader CoStar and consumable sales in the channel were underperforming.


3marketeers developed considerable instore support programs highlighting new uses, software integration with familiar applications, and leveraged the Seiko name with Channel promotions. Our team developed POP displays, shelf talkers, danglers, direct mail programs, coupon incentives, after sale promotions, follow-on support sales materials, and co-op advertising.


  • Smart Label Printer consumable sales increased 6%
  • New products given shelf space quicker
  • High percentage of POP displays remained instore
  • Wider range of supplies sold thru
  • Promotions for Best Buy, Fry's, TigerDirect
  • Cross promotions with ACT! bundled products


Company  >  Seiko Instruments
Industry  >  Consumer, Technology, Hardware, Software, Products, Emerging Market, Nationwide, Reseller Program, Media
Discipline  >  Collateral, Packaging & POP, Interactive/Multimedia, Channel Programs, Research, Program Identity, Direct Mail, Advertising, Print, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Broadcast