3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: iRiver America

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iRiver, the emerging leader in digital entertainment, has been in the US MP3 player market for just over one year. Taking on Apple's iPod, iRiver needed intelligent strategy and positioning for leadership among the target market of 25-30 year old males. iRiver wanted to be perceived not as an ubiquitous product for everyone, but as a premium accessory for the "tech-savvy" consumer; one that is not only quality-conscious, but style-conscious as well. iRiver places great importance on channel and press relations, since its target consumers base their decisions on third-party opinions. The company wanted to create a strong brand impression on existing and prospective channel partners, analysts and the press at the Consumer Electronics Show.


3marketeers extended iRiver's rebellious, underground brand character without straying from it's premium, high-quality product reputation. By taking an unorthodox approach to the design of everything from product shots; display stands; to environmental design; 3marketeers was able to elevate iRiver's image and substantially distinguish it from competitive brands.


  • Launched iRiver's newest product line
  • Won Award for Best Environment
  • Solidified and amplified iRiver brand
  • Created supporting displays, imagery and collateral
  • Attracted qualified channel, analysts and press
  • Facilitated ongoing promotional relationship with a desired & significant celebrity


Company  >  iRiver America
Industry  >  Consumer, Emerging Market, Start-Up
Discipline  >  Channel Programs, Tradeshow, Research, Program Identity, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Exhibits, Kiosk