3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Teledex

"I have worked with the same team at 3marketeers for 7 years. Consistency is their strong point."


Teledex is the worldwide leader in communications systems for the hospitality industry. Having secured over 80% market share, they needed to expand their product offering to include cordless phones and products geared toward the SMB (Small Medium Business) marketplace.


3marketeers worked closely with the product management team at Teledex to identify core messaging drivers as they related to the hospitality and SMB marketplaces. Based on initial findings, our team developed 5 advertising concepts for advertising and product packaging, testing each during indepth focus group research.


  • Scored "Top 5" in Readership study
  • Reflective of focus group feedback
  • Agency rollout of 3 product lines


    Company  >  Teledex
    Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, International, Communications Systems
    Discipline  >  Packaging & POP, Tradeshow, Advertising, Print, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs