3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Wherify/Wherifone

"The creative developed for our product/company launch, identity, branding, packaging and web is right-on. You have captured the messaging and true essence of our targets ."


Wherify is the first company to launch a Consumer phone/service for kids/seniors/small businesses complete with GPS tracking abilities. They needed to build a consumer product identity, brand messaging, packaging and web presence for corporate launch. The product is being focused to kids, parents of kids, and those responsible for seniors.


3marketeers worked with the Wherify management team to formulate a "Go-to-Market" brand. Product identity, corp. website, product website, packaging directions, and other brand applications have been developed. 3marketeers created a flexible "fun-loving", "care-free" feel for imaging, and identity, yet tied the GPS tracking nature as a product differentiator.


  • Go-to-Market messaging/creative execution
  • Rapid simultaneous packaging, web & identity
  • Turnkey design, copy, and production
  • Project based saved $$$


Company  >  Wherify/Wherifone
Industry  >  Consumer, Technology, Hardware, Products, Services, Emerging Market, Start-Up, International, Nationwide, Communications Systems, Gaming, Retail, Business Applications
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Packaging & POP, Interactive/Multimedia, Web Development, Research, Print, Online, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Corporate Identity