3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: U-Systems Clinical Trial Gets Branded

“The client had a difficult time choosing one mark as they fell in love with them all. In the end, the one that was chosen best met all of their objectives.”
Hoa Tong, Art Director, 3marketeers


Logo Objectives: Create a mark that will help raise awareness for their clinical trial, SOMO-INSIGHT, which examines the use of the somo?v screening technology in women with dense breast tissue, who have up to six times greater risk for breast cancer. 3marketeers' Art Director, Hoa Tong, explains the creative process behind the final SOMO-INSIGHT logo.


The Creative Path: We started by researching existing marks in the breast cancer awareness space. From the ubiquitous infinity symbol to silhouette figures, all had a feminine quality to them with pink and magenta as common colors. The mark had to appeal to women aged 18 to over 60, feel like it belonged in the breast cancer space, yet sophisticated enough to appeal to the medical industry. It had to be tasteful while immediately conveying the point, so we tried not to restrict our first round.


About the Winner: The chosen logo incorporates the female form, focusing on the breast while integrating the trial name, SOMO-INSIGHT. Its clarity is softened with a serenity and elegance that is reassuring. There is a fluidity and freedom of form that reflects not only the hope that the study’s objective inspires, but the surprisingly gentle and pain-free experience of the actual somo-v ultrasound screening itself.


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