3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Coradiant Demand Creation

"I like the innovation in approach in BullsEye! and the integrated nature of 3marketeers service - turnkey is what sales minded firms need."
VP of Marketing


Coradiant is a startup in a new market, application availability assurance. Differentiation is difficult, as segment awareness is low. Coradiant offers real-time user monitoring for web traffic - aiding operators of web applications to improve user experience.

3marketeers needed to quickly generate meetings and momentum across multiple vertical markets to increase awareness and provide HOT leads to close sales.


3marketeers deploys BullsEye! Demand Creation programs to concentrate on Tier 1 and Tier 2 prospects, the eTrigue Lead Generation platform to harvest "aware" audiences, and Webinar and case study development to provide ongoing premium content.

Working with 2 people within Coradiant Marketing, 3marketeers creates messaging relative to audience and market differentiators. We generate targetted prospect lists, then cross reference with the sales team. Sales training and team effectiveness are incorporated for program process improvement in real-time. The Coradiant Demand Creation program is ongoing for scalable launches and sales team ramp-up.


  • Integrated Demand Creation & Lead Generation
  • Closed-loop reporting integrated w/SalesForce.com
  • Agency creates programs, content & execution
  • Opportunities negotiated & executed by 3marketeers


Company  >  Coradiant
Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, Software, Emerging Market, Start-Up, Nationwide, Consultative Selling, Insurance, Retail
Discipline  >  eTrigue, Interactive/Multimedia, Tradeshow, Web Development, Lead Generation, BullsEye!, Direct Mail, Advertising, Demand Creation, Messaging, Launch Programs, Media, Webinars, List Development