3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Sony

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General Manager, Business & Professional Products


Position, design, produce, and coordinate launch of Sony "Digital Electronic Newsroom" for worldwide introduction at NAB tradeshow. Show occurs less than 3 months from start date.


3marketeers worked with Senior Management and coordinated product definitions relevant to an international audience. Utilizing video conferencing, our teams worked with the Japan Product Engineers of Sony, and their US counterparts simultaneously - since working products did not exist yet, we needed to ensure our accuracy of definition.


  • Solution adopted by Turner, Fox, and BBC
  • Agency delivered under projected budget
  • Produced 11 corp. positioning/product brochures
  • Created all tradeshow graphic panels
  • Supported show with direct mail


    Company  >  Sony
    Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, Software, Services, Display, Emerging Market, International, Consultative Selling, Communications Systems
    Discipline  >  Collateral, Interactive/Multimedia, Tradeshow, Program Identity, Messaging, Broadcast