3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: National Semiconductor

"Surpassed our expectations tremendously."
Corporate Communications Manager


How can a company optimize its performance when the sales team doesn't fully utilize all of the resources at their disposal? Such was the challenge for National, a semiconductor manufacturer who experienced a consistent lack of corporate consistency in the intranet and training programs already in place.


Members of 3marketeers took the existing National resources and were able to breathe new life into them. For the intranet, we created a new site architecture, reconfigured site navigation and added exciting content to enhance the user experience. A National styleguide, including color palette, styles, naming, identity and usage, was positioned on the intranet and infused into all elements of the training programs.


The new intranet is a significant resource for National employees, with the collateral benefit of enhancing value perceptions of the intranet and National properties. The MIB program, among others achieved unprecedented success corporate-wide.


Company  >  National Semiconductor
Industry  >  Technology, Semiconductor
Discipline  >  Web Development, Online, Training Materials