3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Integrated Marketing Services and Demand Generation Solution Launched Service Leadership

When searching for a new marketing partner, we knew from previous engagements with 3marketeers, that area code or time zone would have no bearing. Our needs have been thoroughly and strategically addressed from the start.
Founder and CEO, Service Leadership, Inc.


Service Leadership, Inc. (S-L) is a management advisory firm dedicated to providing total profit solutions for IT Solutions companies. Their website had a tremendous amount of high-value information, with more waiting in the wings, but its packaging left much to be desired. Challenging to follow, their website’s organization didn’t do the breadth and depth of their products and services offering justice nor did it make finding solutions easy for prospective and current clients. They needed a repackaging of their products and services and a corporate repositioning with strategic messaging. S-L had their own internally designed CRM system, but they needed help integrating it and their new marketing program with their new demand generation system, eTrigue.




Having just launched their new website, S-L is proactively marketing their site and repackaged tools, reports and services by conducting multiple campaigns. They are successfully attracting survey participants, selling their industry-leading Index™ Reports, outreaching for M&A opportunities and gaining visibility for their other consulting services. S-L’s new visibility into the results of those campaigns enables them to take action much more quickly with prospects and to fine tune each campaign in progress. The S-L team now actively uses their website during sales calls and client sessions to not only communicate S-L’s capabilities, but to encourage prospects to engage and to persuade clients to take advantage of additional S-L value.


Company  >  Service Leadership
Industry  >  Consultative Selling
Discipline  >  eTrigue, Web Development, Lead Generation, Demand Creation, Messaging