3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Kodak Image Sensors

"3marketeers really defined our direction. Their Brand Analysis did more than tell us who we are; they helped us decide who we are going to be."
Manager, Product Marketing


As the Kodak ISS group develops new products and enters the CMOS arena, it is necessary to reach out credibly to customers who haven't considered Kodak in the past.


Kodak turned to 3marketeers for direction. After extensive research, we presented this positioning statement: Kodak leads the image sensor industry through sustained innovation. A unique combination of technological, design and support innovation has made Kodak the premier choice worldwide among high-performance image sensor suppliers. That spirit of innovation continues as Kodak leverages its unparalleled experience in imaging to expand its base of proprietary technology. By combining this fundamental core IP with strategic processes, Kodak produces image sensors to fill the areas of greatest importance to our customers' success.


  • New Brand Guidelines
  • New Positioning
  • In launch Phase


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