Corporate History

Over 20 years ago, amid a slump in technology spending, dwindling prospects for immediate recovery, and heavy pressures from global advertising agencies to “take-over high-tech,” Jeff Holmes founded an agency that has brought accountability and innovation to marketing - helping clients close sales faster.

Focused on Helping You Shorten the Sales Cycle and Close Sales Quicker.

“Creative that Sells” has been an agency mantra since inception. A differentiator that has propelled 3marketeers to succeed, and thrive even during downturns in the economy. During the past 10 years, 3marketeers has been named a "Top 50 Fastest Growing Private Company" by the Silicon Valley Business Journal - 6 times.

With the guidance of a solid board of advisors, innovative management team, a seasoned Advertising Team, Marketing Team, Demand Creation:Lead Generation Team, and worldwide affiliate partners, we have built an accountable, scalable solution for our global clients.

Building 1:1 Relationships to Create Brand Value.

3marketeers has been instrumental in launches for e*Trade, Kodak, Cisco, Coradiant, Silver Peak, Teneros, Polycom, Wavelight, GTE Mobilnet, NetworkICE, and other global brands. With affiliates in Tokyo, London, and headquarters in Silicon Valley, 3marketeers was founded in an entrepreneurial spirit, blending creativity and technology to build 1:1 relationships and help clients close sales faster.

3marketeers is a privately held company reflecting our core values of integrity and accountability.